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National Tandale M. R. D. S. Dabhade And S. N. Tayade (2012) A Study On Physico-Chemical Parameters Of Ekburjee Reservoir, Washim, (M. S.), National Conf. On Biosciences, Pp. 348-355.
Department Of Zoology
0250-5991 - PDF Download
International Tandale M. R., D.S. Dabhade Study on chemical parameter of Lonar crater India.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section B: Biological Sciences.
Department Of Zoology
2230-7860 3.15 PDF Download
International Tandale M.R. and D.S. Dabhade (2014) The physico-chemical parameter status of Lonar crater Lake, India, Ecological Communication Biosciences Biotechnology Research Communication. Vol. 7(1): 50-56.
Department Of Zoology
0974-6455 IF- 0.645 PDF Download
National Tayade S. N., D. S. Dabhade (2015) Rotifer Communities of the Ephemeral Ponds in Washim Region of Maharashtra, India., Indian Stream Research Journal Vol. 5, Issue 11; December, 2015.
Department Of Zoology
2230-7850 3.1560(UIF) PDF Download
International Tayade S. N., Dabhade D. S., Ukhalkar M. N. (2014) Nesting Behaviour of Purple Sunbird, Nectarinia asiatica. J. of Global Biosciences: Vol. 3, No. 7. HTTP://MUTAGENS.CO.IN/JGB.HTML
Department Of Zoology
2320-1355. - PDF Download