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Vision, Mission and Objectives
The vision, mission and objective of the institute are as under.
Creating the foundation upon which our young generation can build, shape, sharpen and add value to their intellectual and human potential.
By imparting quality education with discipline in an increasing array of fields to the students in rural background, we can envisage population problem that is not a weakness but strength. Evolving institutional environment conducive to the creation and use of leading edge knowledge and skills. Improving attitudes and habits of our learning community.
Pursuit of excellence and drive for outstanding performance.

Faculty Profile

Dr. R. R. Risodkar
Qualifications: M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phill,, Ph.D
Designation: Assistant Professor
Discription :Specialization: Condensed Matter Physics
Research Profile :Ph.D. Supervisor(SGBAU, Amravati)

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Mr. S. S. Gore
Qualifications: M.Sc. SET, GATE
Designation: Assistant Professor
Discription :Specialization:Solid State Physics And Electronics
Research Profile :`Ph.D persuing

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Syllabus Reviews

  1. BSc I Sem I :: - PDF
  2. BSc I Sem II :: - PDF
  3. BSc II Sem III :: - PDF
  4. BSc II Sem IV :: - PDF
  5. BSc III Sem V :: - PDF
  6. BSc III Sem VI :: - PDF
  7. MSc I Sem I :: - PDF
  8. MSc I Sem II :: - PDF
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List Of Students Admitted

  1. BSc :: - 2011-12 PDF
  2. BSc :: - 2012-13 PDF
  3. BSc :: - 2013-14 PDF
  4. BSc :: - 2014-15 PDF
  5. BSc :: - 2015-16 PDF
  6. BSc :: - 2016-17 PDF
  7. BSc :: - 2017-18 PDF


  1. B.Sc. :: - 2011-2017 PDF
  2. BSc :: - 2011-2017 PDF

University Notifications :: Merit Student

  1. KU.SHAIKH FAREEN :: Year - 2014-15 Merit Rank : III Obtn Marks :88%
  2. Ku. Anjali Bhagwan kavar :: Year - 2015-16 Merit Rank : III Obtn Marks :92%

Name of Students
Name of Sports

Publication of research papers

Level Authors Title of the research paper published
and Name of the Journal/Proceeding
Journal ISSN / ISBN Impact Factor
International R.Risodkar,R.Joat Structural investigation of Polypyrrole thin film ISSN 0973-1628 0.11
International R.Risodkar,R.Joat Electrochemical impedance study of ppy/so4 and it’s blends Asian journal of Contemporary SciencesISSN 2319-9938 0.11
National R.Risodkar,R.Joat,P.Bodkhe,S.Binani Synthesis and Conductivity study of polypyrrole thin film ISBN 9789381432563 0.13
International R.Risodkar,R.Joat,S.Bhoga Synthesis and characterization of Ammonium Salt doped PVA Thin Film IONICS, International Journal of Ionics ISSN 0947-7047 2.119
International R.Risodkar,R.Joat,S.S.Gore Synthesis and Conductivity study of PVA thin film I International journal of Advanced Research In Basic and Applied Sciences ISSN 2394-4072 0.15
International R.Risodkar,s.Deshpande,A.K.Dongare DIELECTRIC PROPERTIES OF LONAR LAKE SALINE SOIL AT 5.2 GHz International journal of Advanced Research In Basic and Applied Sciences ISSN 2394-4072 0.12
International S.P. Bhagat a , A.B.Gawande b.*, S.K.Omanwar b.* Photoluminescence study of a novel UV emitting phosphor Sr2Mg(BO3)2: Pb2+ , Gd3+ ELSEVIER- Optical Materials International Journal 2.07

Awards & Recognition

Sr.No. Name of Person Awards /recognitions received
1 Dr.R.R.Risodkar * Ph.D.(2017) * Qualified IIT Kanpur Special Course In Exp.Physics
2 Dr.S.P.Bhagat Ph.D.(2016)
3 Mr.Jambuvant Avahale AVISHKAR_2015
4 Mr.V.N.Halse AVISHKAR-2015
5 Ms. Anjali Bhagwan Kavar Qualified IIT-JAM

Conferences, Symposia, Seminars & Workshops

Sr.No. Attended / Organized Name of the Conf. /Seminar/Workshops Topic of Research National / International / State / Regional Whether presented Paper / Chaired the Session / Resource Person Jury
1 Attended 2nd International Conference on Nanotechnology and Biosensors (ICNB-2) 2011 FT-IR ,UV-Vis –NIR AND NLO STUDIES ON L-ALANINE LITHIUM SULPHATE CRYSTAL National Paper Presented
2 Attended CSIR Sponsored National Conference Proceeding on ”Current Developments in nanoscience;Challanges and Opportunities” Synthesis and Conductivity study of Polypyrrole thin film National Paper Presented
3 Attended National Conference on Advanced Tecnologies in Material Science and their Applications ( NCATMSA)2011 Growth & Characterization of Lithium L- Alanine Sulphate Crystal. National Paper Presented
4 Attended National Conference on Novel Synthesis of Advanced Materials and their Applications (NSAMA) Synthesis and Luminescence properties of SrZnP2O7:Eu3+ Phosphor for W- LED ,S National Paper Presented
5 Attended UTCS 2013, Optical Properties of Urea Doped L-Arginine Phosphate Monohydrate(LAP) Single Crystals National Paper Presented

Research Projects

Sr.No. Title Of Research Paper Name Of The Authors Name Of Journal
1 Study of Electrochemical Impedance of PPY/SO4 and It’s Blends Mr.R.R.Risodkar Asian journal of Contemporary Sciences ISSN 2319-9938
2 The Studies on growth mechanism of amino acid crystal , crystal of amino acid salts and KDP crystal growth by solution method Dr.S.P.Bhagat National Proceedings of UTCS 2013


Dr. B. U. Jadhao
Qualification :M.Sc. M.Phil, PhD
Post / Design : Principal, Shri Shivaji College Parbhani. Maharashtra
Address : Shri Shivaji College Parbhani. Dist Pharbhani
Year : 1985

Consultancy / Extension / Best Practise

Innovations and Patents / Activities

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Sr.No. Equipment Title & Discription
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