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Vision, Mission and Objectives
The vision, mission and objective of the institute are as under.
Creating the foundation upon which our young generation can build, shape, sharpen and add value to their intellectual and human potential.
By imparting quality education with discipline in an increasing array of fields to the students in rural background, we can envisage population problem that is not a weakness but strength. Evolving institutional environment conducive to the creation and use of leading edge knowledge and skills. Improving attitudes and habits of our learning community.
Pursuit of excellence and drive for outstanding performance.

Faculty Profile

Dr. A. R. Bansod
Qualifications: M. A. Ph. D. NET
Designation: Asstt. Professor and Head of the Department
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National Dr. A. R. Bansod “Recent Trends in Economic Growth and Employment in India”, in the journal Global Economic Research, Latur (Oct. 2013 to March 2014), pp. 45-52, 2249-4081. -
National Dr. A. R. Bansod “Impact of Globalization on Dalits in India”, in the International Monthly Research Journal “Akshardeep”, Latur (May 2014), pp. 01-06 2278-8204 -
National Dr. A. R. Bansod “Situation of FDI into Indian States”, in the journal Global Economic Research, Latur (Oct. 2014 to March 2015), pp. 30-34, ISSN- 2249-4081. 2249-4081. -
National Dr. A. R. Bansod “Indian Agriculture: Growth and Investment”, in the journal Arthavishwa, Nagpur (July- Sept. 2015), pp. 55-60 2319-6289. -

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