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Vision, Mission and Objectives
The vision, mission and objective of the institute are as under.
Creating the foundation upon which our young generation can build, shape, sharpen and add value to their intellectual and human potential.
By imparting quality education with discipline in an increasing array of fields to the students in rural background, we can envisage population problem that is not a weakness but strength. Evolving institutional environment conducive to the creation and use of leading edge knowledge and skills. Improving attitudes and habits of our learning community.
Pursuit of excellence and drive for outstanding performance.

Faculty Profile

Dr. R. F. Pagariya
Qualifications: M.Sc.Ph.D
Designation: Associate Professor and Head of Department of Chemistry,
Discription :Specialization: Completed Graduation from Nutan Maratha College, Jalgaon, Affiliated to University of Pune, Post Graduated at Pratap College, Amalner. Joined as Lecturer since 1986 at R. A. College, Washim. Now perusing Ph. D. Degree.
Research Profile :Attended National and International Conferences in Chemistry, presented papers, Published 06 research papers in International Journals. Ph.D. Thesis Submitted to SGBAU, Amravati.Thesis entitled, Synthesis, and Anti-microbial Properties of some azo compounds of mono and di-substituted phenolic moities., Under the guidance of Dr. N. S. Thakare, Principal, Science College, Manora.

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Dr. N. V. Rathod
Qualifications: M.Sc., Ph.D., SET, GATE
Designation: Assistant Professor
Discription :Specialization: INORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Research Profile :Liquid-Iiquid Extraction, Marerial Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry,

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Mr. M.S. More
Qualifications: M.Sc.NET
Designation: Assistant Professor
Discription :Specilization :ORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Research Profile :Ph.D. Persuing

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Mr. B.G.Kharode
Qualifications: M.Sc.B.Ed.NET,GATE
Designation: Assistant Professor
Discription :Specialization: ORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Research Profile :Ph. D. Persuing

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Syllabus Reviews

  1. B.Sc. SEM 1 :: - PDF
  2. B.Sc. SEM 2 :: - PDF
  3. B.Sc.SEM 3 :: - PDF
  4. B.Sc.SEM 4 :: - PDF
  5. B.Sc.SEM 5 :: - PDF
  6. B.Sc.SEM 6 :: - PDF
  7. M.Sc. SEM 1 :: - PDF
  8. M.Sc. SEM 2 :: - PDF
  9. M.Sc. SEM 3 :: - PDF
  10. M.Sc. SEM 4 :: - PDF

List Of Students Admitted

  1. B.Sc. 1 :: - 2011-12 PDF
  2. B.Sc. 1 Section A :: - 2014-15 PDF
  3. B.Sc. 1 Section A :: - 2015-16 PDF
  4. B.Sc.-I Section-A :: - 2012-13 PDF
  5. B.Sc.-I Section-A :: - 2013-14 PDF
  6. B.Sc.-I Section-B :: - 2012-13 PDF
  7. B.Sc.-I Section-B :: - 2013-14 PDF
  8. B.Sc.-II :: - 2011-12 PDF
  9. B.Sc.-II :: - 2012-13 PDF
  10. B.Sc.-II :: - 2013-14 PDF
  11. B.Sc.-III :: - 2011-12 PDF
  12. B.Sc.-III :: - 2012-13 PDF
  13. B.Sc.-III :: - 2013-14 PDF
  14. B.Sc.1 Section B :: - 2014-15 PDF
  15. B.Sc.1 Section B :: - 2015-16 PDF
  16. B.Sc.II :: - 2014-15 PDF
  17. B.Sc.III :: - 2014-15 PDF
  18. M.Sc.I :: - 2014-15 PDF
  19. M.Sc.II :: - 2014-15 PDF


  1. B.Sc. SEM I to SEMVI :: - 2011-12 PDF
  2. B.Sc. SEM I to SEMVI :: - 2012-13 PDF
  3. B.Sc. SEM I to SEMVI :: - 2013-14 PDF
  4. B.Sc. SEM I to SEMVI :: - 2014-15 PDF

University Notifications :: Merit Student

  1. Ku. Farahin Bano Mohhmd. Nazir Shaikh :: Year - 2014-15 Merit Rank : Third Obtn Marks :-
  2. Ku. Anjali B. Kavar :: Year - 2015-16 Merit Rank : 4 Obtn Marks :2408

Name of Students
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Publication of research papers

Level Authors Title of the research paper published
and Name of the Journal/Proceeding
Journal ISSN / ISBN Impact Factor
International Ankita Rao, Nilesh V. Rathod, Dipalee D. Malkhede, Vaibhavi V. Raut, and K. L. Ramakumar “Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of Uranium from Acidic Medium Employing Calixarenes” Separation Science and Technology, 48: 644–651, 2013. Taylor &Francis ISSN: 0149-6395 1.083
National K Joshi, K Selvaraj, N Rathod, D Malkhede “A DFT based study on complexation behavior of hexasulphonatocalix (6) arenes with Zr (IV) and Th (IV) metals”. Proceedings of the DAE-BRNS fourth interdisciplinary symposium on materials. 2012 - -
International Nilesh V. Rathod , Krati Joshi , Ankita S. Jadhav , Vrashali S. Kalyani , Kaliaperumal Selvaraj, Dipalee D. Malkhede A novel interaction study of Th(IV) and Zr(IV) with 4-sulfonatocalix[6] arene: Experimental and theoretical investigation ISSN: 0277-5387 1.926
International Nilesh V. Rathod, Ankita Rao, Pradeep Kumar, K.L. Ramakumar, Dipalee D.Malkhede "Complexation with Calixarene and Efficient Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Pb(II) from acidic medium" New Journal of Chemistry, 38, 5331, 2014. ISSN 1144-0546 3.277
National Nilesh V. Rathod, Ankita Rao, Pradeep Kumar, Karanam L. Ramakumar, and Dipalee D. Malkhede* Studies on Complexation and Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Cd2+ with Calixarenes Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 2015, 54 (15), pp 3933–3941 ACS ISSN 0888-5885 2.567
International Nilesh V. Rathod, J. S. Kamble, S.S. Pingale, Pradeepkumar, K.L. Ramakumar, Dipalee D. Malkhede “Experimental and Theoretical approach to study complexation between Th(IV) and Calix[4]pyrolle” Communicated* -
National NV Rathod, JH Kamble, DD Malkhede Liquid liquid extraction of Th (IV) and its complexation study by Calix (4) pyrole" 2015 Proceedings of the BRNS-AEACI first symposium on current trends in analytical chemistry: book of abstracts Proceedings -
International R. F. Pagariya & N. S. Thakare. Synthesis, Characterization & Antibacterial Screening of Azo Compounds Containing Tyrosine Moiety. World Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2016, 5(6), 941-955, 2278 –4357 6.041
International R. F. Pagariya & N. S. Thakare. Synthesis & in vitro antibacterial evaluation of 2,4-dintrophenol incorporated azo dyes molecules, Der Pharma Chemica, 2016, 8(7):130-136 0975-413X -
International R. F. Pagariya & N. S. Thakare. Synthesis of 4-Hydroxybenzoic acid incorporated azo dyes derivatives as potent biological activity molecules Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2016, 8(5):385-392 0975-7384 -
International R. F. Pagariya, K. M. Rathod & N. S. Thakare. Synthesis, Characterization & Antibacterial Screening of Azo Compounds Containing Vanillin Moiety. Asian J. Research Chem. Sept. 2013, 6(9). 974 –4169 -
International S. K. Pagariya, R. F. Pagariya, A. S. Pagariya Assessment of Fluoride Content in the Ground Water of Different Villages of Mangladevi Region. Asian J. Research Chem. 6(8): August 2013 0974-4169 -
International S. T. Gawhale, S. V. Patil, R. G. Thorave, V. S. Kalyani, N. V. Rathod, R. S. Sapkal, V. S. Sapkal, G. N. Chaudhari and D. D. Malkhede “Study of binding behaviour of p-sulfonatocalix[6]arene with fluorescein and transition metal ions in binary and ternary systems and their antimicrobial activities” Communicated* -
International S.K.Pagariya and R.F.Pagariya High Fluoride Content In The Ground Water of Belora Union: A Comparative Study. Rasayan Journal of Chemistry. Vol. 6 | No.4 | 288 - 291 | October- December| 2013 ISSN: 0974-1496 | e-ISSN: 0976-0083 | CODEN: RJCABP -
International Santosh M. Chavan Nilesh V. Rathod, Madhuri S. Kulkarni, Arun B. Patil and Dipalee D. Malkhede, Liquid liquid Extraction of Cd2+ and its complexation study by p-t-butyl thiacalix(4)arene Research Journal of Chemical Sciences Vol6(4)47-48, 2016. E-ISSN : 2231 - 606X -
International Sharadchandra Gawhale, Ankita Jadhav, Nilesh Rathod, Dipalee Malkhede, Gajanan Chaudhari Inclusion complex formation of ternary system: Fluoroscein-p-sulfonato calix[4]arene-Cu2+by cooperative. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 148, 5 September, 382-388, 2015. ELSVIER ISSN: 1386-1425 2.653

Awards & Recognition

Sr.No. Name of Person Awards /recognitions received
1 Dr. R.F.Pagariya Recognized Ph.D. Supervisor @ SGBAU Amravati University Amravati

Conferences, Symposia, Seminars & Workshops

Sr.No. Attended / Organized Name of the Conf. /Seminar/Workshops Topic of Research National / International / State / Regional Whether presented Paper / Chaired the Session / Resource Person Jury
1 N.V. Rathod Attended 17th CRSI National Symposium in Chemistry at CSIR-NCL Pune Feb. 2015 - National -
2 N. V. RathodAttended 1st CRSI zonal meeting at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune on 13-14th May 2011. - National -
3 N. V. Rathod Attended DAE-BRNS Symposium on “Emerging Trends in Separation Science and Technology”at Mumbai. 2012 Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of Uranium from Acidic Medium Employing Calixarenes. National Poster Presented
4 N. V. Rathod Attended Molecular Modeling and Drug Designing at Department of Chemistry SP Pune University, Pune, March 2015. - National -
5 N. V. Rathod Attended National Conferences On FPCB Sciences at Department of Chemistry University of Pune, Pune 2013 - National -
6 N. V. Rathod Attended Scientific/ Research Paper writing organized by Department of Chemistry Savitribai Phule Pune University 2014. - National -
7 N. V. Rathod Attended Workshop on Chromatograhic Technique organized by the Department of Chemistry, University of Pune on 30th Sep – 2nd Oct. 2011 - National -
8 N. V. Rathod Attended “International Conference on GOLD-CT-2014”, At NMU Jalgoan Feb.6-8, 2014. Supercritical fluid extraction of toxic heavy metal Pb2+ with Calixarenes in acidic medium International Poster presented

Research Projects

Sr.No. Title Of Research Paper Name Of The Authors Name Of Journal


Mr. Amir Sheikh
Qualification :M.Sc.
Post / Design : CHB in Department of Chemistry R. A. College Washim
Address : R, A. College Washim
Year : 2017
Dr, D. S. Raut
Qualification :M.Sc. PhD
Post / Design : Sr. Reserach Scientist
Address : Alembic Research Center Gujarat 7575802891
Year : 2005
Pankaj S Kirtankar
Qualification :M.Sc.B.Ed.
Post / Design : Jr. Lecturer at Bakaliwal Junior college Washim
Address : Bakaliwal Junior college Washim
Year : 2010
Mr. Nitin A. Deshmukh
Qualification :M.Sc.SET NET
Post / Design : Persuing Ph. D.
Address : Shri, Shivaji Science College Akola
Year : 2010
Mr. Ganesh K. Bhoyar
Qualification :M.Sc. SET
Post / Design : CHB in Department of Chemistry R. A. College Washim
Address : R A college Washim
Year : 2017
Mr. Sankesh C. Zate
Qualification :M.Sc.NET
Post / Design : Assistant Professor at RLT College Akola
Address : RLT College Akola
Year : 2010
Mr.Rupesh Subhash Jadhao
Qualification :M.Sc. Chemistry
Post / Design : CHB in Department of Chemistry R. A. College Washim
Address : R. A. College Washim
Year : 2017
Ku. Shital Mandhane
Qualification :M.Sc.Chemistry
Post / Design : -
Address : Malegaon
Year : 2015
Ku. Rohini Bhalerao
Qualification :M.Sc.Chemistry
Post / Design : Teacher
Address : Samarth School Sunderwatika Washim
Year : 2015
Ku. Rashmi R. Deshmukh
Qualification :M.Sc. Chemistry
Post / Design : -
Address : Civil Line Washim
Year : 2014
Amar Deshmukh
Qualification :M.Sc. Chemsitry
Post / Design : Pharmacist
Address : Ahale Hospital Kata Road Washim
Year : 2014
Ku. Jyoti V. Jain
Qualification :M.Sc. Chemistry
Post / Design : IT CUBE Solution PVT. LTD. PUNE
Address : PUNE
Year : 2015
Ku. Megha Jetwa
Qualification :M.Sc. Chemistry
Post / Design : 3 GEN PVT. LTD. Pune
Address : Pune
Year : 2015
Ku. Rasmi Wagh
Qualification :M.Sc. Chemistry
Post / Design : CHB
Address : Devgiri College Aurangabad
Year : 2014
Mr. A. B. Idhole
Qualification :B.Sc.
Post / Design : Water Quality Consultant Risod
Address : Risod Panchayat Samiti Risod Di. Washim
Year : 2012

Consultancy / Extension / Best Practise

Innovations and Patents / Activities

Books / Journals

Sr.No. Title & Discription Documents


Sr.No. Equipment Title & Discription

Industrial Tour / Excursion Tour / Field visits.

Sr.No. Industrial Tour Tour Title & Discription Documents
1 IMG CSIR HYDRABAD VISIT 2016-17 Indian Chemical Institute
Visit to the IICT and Bio –Leo Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad on 24-02-2017. At IICT Hyderabad, Mr. Sanjay and Mr. Jacob welcome us and given brief information about IICT. We have visited to NMR, Mass, and synthesis unit.
2 IMG Industrial Visit to Parle Factory Ltd. Khamgaon 2015
industrial visit was carried out at Parle Factory Khamgaon Ltd. on 23rd JAN 2015 especially for M.Sc. students. The main objective behind the visit was to make student aware about how various activities related to marketing, financing and human resource are carried out in company.